Have to love it…

witches3 (195k image)

Don’t know who has more fun…the adults or the kids? These are great outfits and this picture made me smile. Kim you definitely know how to “get into the spirit”.


  1. hot mama said:

    Kim, you are the only person I know that writes, "cackles like a witch." That is hysterical. It was fun but next year, everyone dresses like a witch or warlock, Miss Sarah and Miss Katie!!!!! or a spell will be put upon you. Nana

    January 10, 2008
  2. Kim said:

    I love our Wild Witch and Warlock Ball… i hope one year all the women in the family can come join in. It’s a wonderful new tradition and its fun to dress up as a witch. I already have some ideas for next year! ~cackles like a witch!~

    January 9, 2008
  3. Erin said:

    Oh, and I LOVE the tatoos! Who brought those this year?

    January 9, 2008
  4. Erin said:

    They all look GREAT! And of course, my mom truly gets into the spirit and does a fantastic job! Way to go Kimmer! Keep the spirit alive!

    January 9, 2008
  5. Sue said:

    These were three of the best looking witches I’ve ever seen! Don’t mess with them. Kim your outfit was the colest! You better hold onto the hat-too cool!

    January 9, 2008

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