Happy Halloween…

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The word “Halloween” originates form the Catholic Church as a corruption of “All Hallows Eve”. November the first is a Catholic day of observance in honour of saints, named “All Hollows Day” (or All Saints Day). In the fifth century BC in Celtic Ireland, Summer officially ended on 31st October.

On 31st October, the disembodied spirits of all those who had died throughout the preceding year would come back in search of living bodies to possess for the next year. It was believed that it was their only hope for the afterlife. The Celts believed all laws of space and time were suspended during this time, allowing the spirit world to intermingle with the living.

Naturally, the living did not want to be possessed, so on the night of 31st October, villagers would extinguish the fires in their homes to make them cold and undesirable. They would then dress up in all kinds of ghoulish costumes and noisily parade around the village, being as destructive as possible in order to frighten away spirits looking for bodies to possess.

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What did you look like on Halloween?


  1. Kay said:

    She was the diva and everyone loved her costume, especially her! She wore her witch costume during the day and was a FASHION WITCH, then she dressed as Sharpay at night. Yesterday she got up and said "that was the best Halloween ever- thanks Mom"! Such an easy child to please- give her friends and fun and she is a happy girl!

    November 2, 2007
  2. Erin said:

    Isn’t she the cutest! I love your costume Delaney! Did you sing too? I didn’t dress up this year. Maybe Delaney can help me with a costume next year since hers is so great! Happy Halloween cutie! 🙂

    November 2, 2007
  3. La said:

    I have a picture to post but the computer or internet or program or something is not working and a tech can not make it to the house until Monday.

    October 31, 2007

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