Happy Groundhog’s Day…

ground-hog-day (17k image)

Even if the sun isn’t shining, predicting six more weeks of cold weather would seem always to be the safe call, given that the vernal equinox occurs reliably every March 20. In keeping with that reality, Punxsutawney has predicted six more weeks of winter more than 90 percent of the time going all the way back to 1887. According to the Stormfax Almanac, Punxsutawney’s six-week prognostication has only been correct 39 percent of the time. As is true of so many other things, you’d do better to flip a coin.
Edited: The world’s most eccentric weather forecasting system (Phil), has predicted that America is in for another six weeks of winter. In New York, a rodent called Staten Island Chuck didn’t see his shadow but did bite Michael Bloomberg, the city’s mayor

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