Happy Father’s Day…

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“Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.”


  1. Kenny, Sue, Kameron and Kelsie said:

    Happy Father’s Day to you too Kevin…. The Godfather! Love you!

    June 21, 2005
  2. beth said:

    I was fishing with my dad on Father’s day, but Happy belated fathers day to the rest of the dad’s out there!

    June 20, 2005
  3. hot mama said:

    Happy Dad’s day to all you dad’s out there. You are all special but you know I am partial to the BIG daddy. Love you all.

    June 20, 2005
  4. La said:

    Sorry but I have no pictures of Tim and Mike but do wish them a Happy Father’s Day!

    June 20, 2005
  5. Erin said:

    Happy Dad’s day, dad! You should be getting a little something from me in the mail. Hope you enjoy! I tried to call you today, but you must still be fishing in Canada. Love you lots! Catch a big one!

    June 19, 2005
  6. bailey said:

    Happy Father’s Day Dad…….LOVE YOU! and to all you other Dad’s too! Oh and hey BUTT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..you’re getting OLDER! hahaha


    Kelly and the kids

    June 19, 2005
  7. La said:

    To all the dads- Happy Fathers Day!
    To my dad- I Love You and hope this day is wonderful!

    June 19, 2005
  8. Kim said:

    Happy Daddy’s Day Daddy and also to C, Ken and Bob! Enjoy the day doing what you enjoy most!

    June 19, 2005

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