Happy Earth Day…

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Ardent environmentalists hold some contempt at the idea of still having an annual, one-day celebration. As a friend who’s an environmental researcher told me last week, Earth Day for environmental professionals is like Easter for Christians: it’s a good excuse to have a party, but the real discipleship is supposed to happen all year. In other words, the eco roar that once captivated the world’s attention somehow turned into an annual whimper of corporate sponsorships and moving yet empty speeches about the future of our children. “It’s been reduced to planetary sound bites. It’s not about a single day, it’s about living green every day.”

It’s not so simple anymore. Being an environmentalist today calls for a whole new level of greener thinking

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  1. Erin said:

    I just ordered 3 Baggu Bag’s for when I get groceries to elimiate the paper or plastic dilemma: http://baggubag.com

    It started from Watching Martha. She showed the Flip and Tumble bags, which fold up really compact and I thought that something like that would fit in my purse so I wouldn’t keep forgetting my canvas bags. There are several options out there and I blog I went to liked RuMe bags or Envirosax better for weight distribution (these options have 2 handles opposed to the one that the Flip and Tumble has).

    Anyway, I chose the Baggu because it was the cheapest… and theie video on YouTube tells how they try to eliminate as much waste as possible by cutting in one piece and using the extra to make the little storage pouch. And they will recycle your bag if something happens and give you $1 off your next one.

    I thought this was pretty cool. One small step…

    April 26, 2009

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