Happy Birthday Poppy…

poppy&kelsie (110k image)

Not bad for 29! Don’t forget to wish dad a happy birthday.


  1. Kris, Mark, Deebird, Mini Moo said:

    Happy Birthday again – one way or another I knew I could wish you a happy BD

    August 24, 2004
  2. Katie said:

    Happy Birthday poppy! I hope you have a great one! love ya

    August 24, 2004
  3. Kay , Bob, Delaney, Matthew and Buffett said:

    Dad- Glad to hear you got to enjoy your birthday. Certainly glad we got to chat- wish we were closer so we could have seen you- but we went out for Italian too last night to celebrate (haha)!! Delaney loves her pasta and salad with blue cheese dressing! Hopefully we will see you soon!! Love you. K

    August 18, 2004
  4. hot mama said:

    It was a sunny glorious day and he did go golfing with all his buddies and had spaghetti. What more could a guy ask. It is so nice to be married to a 29 year old. He will get the mower working too. He never gives up!!!
    Love Mom

    August 18, 2004
  5. Kim and Clark said:

    Happy Birthday Dad. What a sunny glorious day for your day…hope you relaxed and enjoyed it!

    We love you!

    August 17, 2004
  6. La said:

    I hope you have a terrific day and that you get your mower working! I love you!

    August 17, 2004
  7. bailey said:

    Happy Birthday Dad….must be nice to be 29 AGAIN! We love you,
    Kelly, Nick, Sarah and Katie and Jim too!

    August 17, 2004
  8. Kenny, Sue, Kameron and Kelsie said:

    Happy Birthday Dad! Go golfing- it’s gonna be a great day! Enjoy…

    August 17, 2004
  9. Erin said:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have lots of love… and cake too!

    August 17, 2004
  10. beth said:

    Happy birthday poppy, I hope it’s a great day for you!

    August 17, 2004

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