Happy Birthday Kenny…


Let’s all wish Kenny a very happy 50th birthday!


Burning down the house…


  1. Mim and Clark said:

    Happy Birthday my sweet brother. The big 50!! Was fun having cake with you. We love you.

    June 27, 2014
  2. The Carroll's said:

    Happy Birthday Kenny! 50 years old- you middle ager! You are not eligible for AARP discounts!! Hope you had a great day and enjoyed that cake (did you singe your eyebrows?!)

    June 20, 2014
  3. Kristen and girls said:

    50 YEARS OLD!!! Holy cow you are old!!! But we love you anyway lol. I hope “your crew”‘treats you right love ya the NC women

    June 19, 2014
  4. Kenny, Sue, Kameron, and Kelsie said:

    Happy Birthday Kenny! Hope you have a wonderful day and know that your crew loves you big much shuge!

    June 19, 2014
  5. klds said:

    You’re catching up…hope you have terrific day! Get lots of hugs and kisses from the family- we love you!
    La, Linda & Bear

    June 19, 2014

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