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Kelsie: My name begins with the letter K
Lala: Mine too
Kelsie: really!

Lala: What do you want for your birthday?
Delaney: Just get me something musical
Lala: What do you want for Christmas?
Delaney: Santas getting Christmas- so you don’t have to!

* Erin moved into her new apartment
* Nana got her new hutch- she is excited!
* Clark got a deer this weekend
* Kevin got a new job at Carrier
* Kim & Clark are headed for N.C. Wednesday to spend thanksgiving with their girls.
* Linda has a test today to check her heart- she has a 40% blockage and some pain- say a prayer
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  1. Hot mama said:

    Kimmie came over and decorated my hutch. She is magic! It looks so beautiful. Thanks Kim. Good luck Nooch on your new job. Remember, 4 door car so people can get in and out. I can’t wait to see Clarks new deer rack above their new fireplace. Kim will have deer sconces! Dad is not feeling good. He has a nasty cold and has not gone out for two days. Sue is cooking Tom Turkey today. I can’t wait for dinner. I’m so happy Erin has her own place now, she will enjoy having it to fix up and feel cozy in. Good girl. I hope all you people in North Caroline have a great Thanksgiving. We miss all of you. Also you people in Kansas. We miss you to. Linda, take it easy!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful family. I am so blessed. Love, Mom

    November 22, 2007

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