• Sunday was 91 degrees, Sunday night a severe storm moved through. Here is a picture of the hail (golf and tennis ball size). We didn’t see hail at our house but we did lose power for several hours (high winds). Monday was 51 degrees…Lordy! Wed today’s high is 71. We are all over the place.

  • Tomorrow is election day- Kansas City has to vote on weather to keep their 1% earnings tax. The city “claims” it can’t survive without it (makes up 40% of their budget) but many cities have no earnings tax, and guess what? They have firefighters. They have police. They fix their streets. They fix their sewers. They run their airports. They do everything we do in Kansas City, and they perform better economically on average than cities that do have an earnings tax. We also elect board members and vote on a bond (no tax bond that helps with education cuts). If you have city elections- DON”T FORGET TO VOTE! Kansas City earnings tax passed, Park Hill Bond passed (YES) and we got 4 new school board members (2 I wanted, 2 we will see).

  • Need to start my taxes… I hate having to do this. (Still haven’t started!)

  • My school had an assembly today to promote testing (starts this week in Park Hill). They performed a flash mob– “Were All In This Together” – it was pretty cool! (Click flash mob and it should download it so you can see it). Not sure if this works or not- it was cute.
  • What’s up with you? Send me pictures and news… we are at that stage again with little input which makes for a boring page, send me stuff people!

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