Hanging with family…

hoodies (146k image)
�Family is God’s way of taking care of us�

Delaney chillin’ with Ali, showing off their hoodies.
* This weekend- Bob painted, Kay cleaned, Delaney relaxed (she’s the sweetheart)
* Family is back from Myrtle Beach- safe and tired!
* Karen & Linda got up the new gazebo, weeded, cleaned hot tub of winter dirt (it was 67 today) and got all the outdoor furniture out. This week will be 70 + all week- we are going to enjoy it.
* Karen is ready to send back Flat Stanley back to Devin’s class. View it here: Stanley
* It has been very quiet around here- Baileys, Scutellas, Culvers- What’s happening?


  1. Erin said:

    I was sicker than a dog yesterday and did not move out of bed all day. Beth was here over the weekend for interviews and we had fun! I am hoping she will end up in the area because when you move away it is always nice to have family down the road, just like I had Aunt Kris (miss you, by the way). I also like your Flat Stanley project… I have been involved in 2 of those so far. They are lots of fun. Here is the one I did for Kam three years ago… I don’t know if it ever got posted or not since you said you do not remember it: Flat Stanley Visit NC.

    April 18, 2007
  2. beth said:

    Well I had a fun drive back to New York yesterday. The weather was gross. The interviews went really well though. I will know something this week hopefully. I came home to a ton of snow, I have to go dig out a path to the car. I just tredged through it last night, I was too tired. We had three tall evergreen bush/trees out front of our house, they snapped right off at the base from all the snow. It was too heavy. The front of the house looks so different now.

    April 17, 2007

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