Got milk?

MVC-636F (52k image)

Well according to Sue who heard it from Nana who heard it from Kay-Little Delaney is now 7.9!


  1. bkbd said:

    NEWS FLASH: I weighed Delaney at my sister-in-laws this weekend and she was somewhere in the 8 to 9 lb range with clothes, so she is finding all the weight that her Aunt La is losing!! Those cheeks are certainly filling out and all the more kissable!! Well try to get a picture to post!! She is in the outfit Aunt Kimmie got her for Christmas- It’s been a hit with everyone who sees it and it helps keep her warm during this frigid Winter weather we’ve been having!! P.S- she is full of smiles these days, esp. when she first wakes up!!

    January 12, 2003
  2. Aunt Kimmy said:

    What a looker she is!! Kisses to this healthy and growing little neice of mine!

    January 9, 2003

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