Good Cause…Great Effort!

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We completed our walk on September 27th at Southpark Mall in Charlotte NC. It was a 5K/3Mile walk. I would personally like to thank the following people who showed up for the walk (despite the rain!). We had a great time …

Richard Paco and his wife and son Ricky
Debby Summa
Karen Williams
Carlene Lauducci
Amy Nazarian
Katie Flynn
Carla McKinnon
Brenda Simms
Cynthia Simms & son
Reggie Enthat
Erin Culver
Beverly Pearson
Kristen Scutella and daughters

Now as you know our goal was to raise money for cancer research to help in finding a cure for breast cancer. We ended up raising $1,375! I would like to thank the following people for making donations to our cause! Your support was greatly appreciated.

Kristen Scutella
Darian Scutella
Maitlin Scutella
Nicolina Guiliano
Kevin DiSanto
Kay Carroll
Sylvia & Ken DiSanto
Cynthia Housten
Lila Hicke
Rebecca Hovis
Joanna Landaverde
Gary Comella
Judith Lichens
Dorinda Ammons
Andrea Barberi
Joanna Dargan-Grier
Angela Dygert
Kathleen Grecco
Susan Kersey
Joe LoVullo
Amy Nazarian
Terrie Trull
Angela Waters
Paul Witz
Karen DiSanto
Erin Culver
Renee Brewer
Beverly Pearson
Debby & Joe Summa
Tracy Martin
Richard Paco
Keith Chandler
Susan Day
Carlene Lauducci
Dianna Nazarian
Cynthia Simms
Brenda Simms
Paul Thie
Karen Williams

One more important note: Cynthia has successfully finished her cancer treatments and we are glad that she is a SURVIVOR and is healthy. We love her as part of our team and the support shown here demonstrates that.

cynthia (110k image)


  1. mattie said:

    It was one of the most inspirtional things i have ever done..and i loved doing it. i would loved to be involved more with that sort of thing. YES i ran the whole thing and finished 7th out of like 800 people. but it was worth it and im glad i did it.

    October 16, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    This was such a great thing to do and I felt good getting out and getting some excercise too! I walked with Dee the whole time (Matty took off and ran the whole thing… athletic little fart that she is). Anyway, Dee was so funny b/c about half way through we asked someone how far we were and when they said half… Dee says, "HALF! This better be saving a lot of boobies!" LOL!!! She cracks me up! Thanks Kris for organizing this and letting me take part! I’m so glad that Cynthia is doing well and that we could all help!

    October 16, 2008

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