GodSpeaks Campaign

All over Winston-Salem there are these billboards with sayings from God. I guess they are causing quite the controversy, but I personally think it’s a great campaign and I thought you would all enjoy this. Please read and share your thoughts… I think they’re great! THey are very simple… white text on a black background. I tried to make the Billboard link at the bottom look like they really are.

“It was to be a simple campaign with simple thoughts. A campaign that spoke to those that needed to be more engaged with God. It was to be a campaign that was light and humorous–capable of causing a smile or changing a strayed emotion or thought. It was to be a campaign that was consistent with the Bible and its claims. But most of all, it was to be a campaign for those that were open to hear the voice of God and be subtly transformed by it’s transcendent principles.” – an excerpt from the article below.


They also have a great website with stories and merchandise matching the saying from the billboards at http://www.godspeaks.net.

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  1. Karen said:

    Who would have thunk that a little comment on an idea would create such controversy! And all I can say is you go girl! Doesn’t hurt to make people think and speak up for what they believe in without stepping on others toes (we all have a right to our opinions). For those who have no clue- Erin made this post on the Culver web blog and do they have opinions! But they are posting- where are the DiSanto’s? Erin maybe you’ll have to think of a post to spark the other side of the family.

    August 15, 2002

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