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My neighbor- Father Ed tried this after he had a bleeding ulcer to relive inflammation (no more Aleve per Dr. orders) and he said it worked wonderfully (he has a bad hip). Must use vinegar with “Mother” on the label- we use Braggs.

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  1. Erin said:

    I have some that I bought form the orchard when I was there. It’s incredible. I’m currently trying to make my own from apple scraps. I just strained my apples pieces out tonight after almost 2 weeks and now need to let it sit for a few weeks. Any fermented item is wonderful for our gut health! Taking a daily probiotic and working more of these items into my diet has helped in so many ways! I had IBS issues for months that I couldn’t clear up. I thought maybe I had allergies or gluten issues. But eating Greek yogurt almost daily in a smoothie and taking a probiotic cleared it up. The meds I was given were only to prevent the problem… this solved it. I’m reading a book now that talks about the importance of probiotics. It affects our brain, energy and everything. They’ve even found that probiotics can help with certain types of arthritis.

    January 15, 2016

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