Give thanks and pray…

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“We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers.” Thessalonians 1:21

* Say a prayer for Kim’s leg and a safe return of Kim & Clark from North Carolina
* Say a prayer for Susie’s mom who is fighting cancer and now has hospice at her home
* Say a prayer for Susie who is balancing family, school and her mom
* Say a prayer for the safe trip of Kay, Bob & Delaney as they go on their trip to Florida
* Say a prayer for Andy who continues to fight cancer
* Say a prayer for Matthew who will always be in our hearts and those who struggle with the loss
* Say a prayer that our family stays safe and continues to always be there for each other
* Say a prayer that the upcoming holidays are filled with joy and love and time together
* Say a pray and give thanks for all we have!

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