Getting ready for Christmas…

disantochristmas (161k image)

* Erin, David and Beth all made the drive Sunday and made it in
* Lala made the flight out Monday with a couple hour delay in Cleveland- the Carroll’s saved the day and got her home safely for the night
* Kevin Michael made it home Tuesday after a full day of snow and blowing- he was greeted by a very persistent young (Delaney) one to say Hi!
* Cookie baking didn’t happen because of the weather and the fact that Kameron had his arm set Monday after having it stepped on during practice and breaking the bone.
* Mom and Kevin got the cards to the shut-ins delivered
* Karen got mom’s new computer hooked up- she will be experiencing the full home page effects from now on.
* Many of us out-of towners and some in-towners got to experience lunch at the brickoven- YUM
* One more day till Christmas…

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