Garden is producing…

Last week it rained all week- finally made it to the garden…

Cherry tomatoes are full. Have Sunrise Bumblebee (yellow with stripes), Kiss the Sky (large ones), Super Sweet 100 (little red ones) and Black Cherry (med. red with dark color). We are going to turn some of these into tomato juice and can it.

This is just some of the 15 different varieties we planted. We put up 9 quarts of tomatoes today and have several pans still left. The hardware store was out of lids for my jars so I have to hunt some down. Most of our Tomatoes are heirloom (Brandywine Sudduth, Brandywine Black, Nepal, Indira Ghandi Black, Red Pear Grant Gran Sasso, San Marzano, Rutgers, Cherokee Purple, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Goose Creek and Black Krim). I have fallen in love with Dwarf Wild Spudleaf- not a lot of juice so it makes a really nice BLT (great flavor too).

We also got eggplant-looking at eggplant parm recipes, lots of peppers, they are heirloom as well (Nadepeno, Jimmy Nardello, Purple Beauty, Cajun Bell and Zulu), onions that are so sweet along with zucchini- on to more bread- good thing it freezes well (yes I have had zucchini casserole several times).

These plants came from a local man who sells them- they were about 2 inches tall and very spindly- they are all 6-7 ft tall now. Garden did well this year.

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