Friday was Hawthorn’s Peace Festival…

art1 (147k image)
“…if peace is our vision, let us begin…”

It rained all week in Kansas City but today the sun came out and our students went out and did {{popup art2.gif art2 550×367}}sidewalk art on what {{popup art3.gif art3 550×372}}peace means to them. The kids had a {{popup art4.gif art4 550×435}}blast. When the {{popup people.gif people 550×367}}parents showed up ( we think we had between 400-450) they could view the site for our {{popup pole.gif pole 550×469}}peace pole. Ours will have 8 different languages and a braille plate. You can check them out here. They got dinner for a dollar ({{popup hotdog.gif hotdog 372×500}}hotdog, chips and water), free {{popup ccandy.gif ccandy 550×476}}cotton candy– they really liked {{popup ccandy2.gif ccandy2 550×367}}it! We had each grade {{popup sing.gif sing 550×424}}sing peace songs. The other school I work at, Union Chapel has a drum club (wrote a grant with a teacher several years ago for this) and they came over and {{popup drum1.gif drum1 550×367}}performed. They were wonderful! We also had “One Earth-One Sky” {{popup kite1.gif kite1 550×348}}kite fly. We had a wonderful breeze and the kites really {{popup kite2.gif kite2 550×367}}took off. Kids could also make {{popup papercranes.gif papercranes 550×268}}paper cranes, get a {{popup tatoo.gif tatoo 550×424}}tatoo, which they love to show {{popup tatoo2.gif tatoo2 550×471}}off. We also displayed the John Denver {{popup JDquilt.gif JDquilt 461×500}}Peace Cloth and even had a member of their board, {{popup sarah.gif sarah 333×500}}Sarah attend. You can check out this project at John Denver Peace Cloth. We will be adding our own {{popup hquilt.gif hquilt 550×367}}panel to the cloth and had everyone who attended {{popup hquilt2.gif hquilt2 550×367}}signed the panel. We got some very interesting {{popup hquilt3.gif hquilt3 550×367}}signings. All and all it was a wonderful success. I took 219 pictures, many familes attended and my principal was happy. Now I am very tired and going to bed!


  1. Erin said:

    It looks like everyone had a great time and you got some great pictures! I love the one of the chalk! You did a great job! Hard work pays off when you see such an amazing end result! Great job!

    May 7, 2007
  2. Kay said:

    Too Cool! Glad you had a good day, good turn-out, and many happy faces- the Tattoos were really great. What a great concept!

    May 7, 2007
  3. La said:

    It has not stopped raining since Saturday morning (lots of storms and flooding) Friday was so beautiful- the power of the rosary!

    May 7, 2007
  4. La said:

    As much work as it was- it sure was fun and the families seemed to enjoy it. Nothing wrong with fun!

    May 6, 2007

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