We received this from our local sherriff’s department…
Well the crooks have found a way to rob you of your gift card balance. If you buy Gift Cards from a display rack that has various store cards you may become a victim of theft. Crooks are now jotting down the card numbers in the store and then wait a few days and call to see how much of a balance THEY have on the card. Once they find the card is “activated”, and then they go online and start shopping. You may want to purchase your card from a customer service person, where they do not have the Gift Cards viewable to the public.
As the holiday season approaches, remember to keep purchases, purses, backpacks and other bags out of view by locking them in your trunk. Criminals know to walk through shopping center parking lots to look for your newly purchased gifts. Also, be sure to keep the receipts separate from the purchased items. Criminals often return the items for cash or a gift card before you ever know they’re gone!


  1. Erin said:

    WOW! Good info to have! I cannot believe people are so mean!

    December 6, 2006
  2. La said:

    Some of my friends at school got burned on bank cards- so be careful when getting any kind of card- crooks are smart- we need to be smarter.

    December 5, 2006

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