For Gardeners who want Natural Pest Deterrents

I was talking with my dad about gardening because I started reading the book: Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening: How to Grow Like a Pro, Save Money, and Eat Well by Turning Your Back (or Front or Side) Yard into an Organic Produce Garden, and I read that members of the Allium family (onions, chives, garlic, leeks, shallots and scallions) can prevent many bug pests by planting them around the perimeter of your garden. I knew this about marigolds, but not these items. I told my dad and he said he knew there were a bunch of tricks, but he didn’t know that many. At the same time my sister sent me a link about broccoli that said Sage, thyme and rosemary all deter cabbage fly, which can harm broccoli plants. So I got thinking that maybe we could use a resource to find out some of these organic gardening tricks. Below is just one of the charts I found. I compiled a few charts into a .pdf document (CLICK HERE) that we can all print and use (a few more charts are included in there like what other veggies to grow together and NOT to grow together).

Natural Herb & Plant Pest Deterrents – Vegetable Companions Planting Chart


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