For a Laugh…

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Try this…JibJab. I hate election years- this one shouting dirt about that one who says this about them and round we go. I guess this is what is meant by “Freedom of Speech” just wish it didn’t cost money that could be used for a “good” cause (“The Republican National Committee has raised at least $217 million this election cycle and started July with $78 million on hand; the Democratic National Committee has collected about $125 million and began the month with roughly $63 million in the bank. Each hope to raise millions more before Election Day”).And this is only July- November can’t get here quick enough!


  1. La said:

    It’s always nice to put a little humor into it- too bad the situation isn’t so funny (the state of our nation and the world).

    July 25, 2004
  2. Kim said:

    I was sent this in Email… too funny! I enjoyed this!

    July 24, 2004

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