Flu shot Friday…

I got my flu shot today!

Kelsie got hers too- Sue said it didn’t go well!

Have you gotten your flu shot this year? If you haven’t, your excuse is most likely feeble. Influenza is a deadly infectious disease that returns every year, threatening young and old alike. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, the virus kills on average 36,000 Americans annually, a terrible toll—almost as many as die from auto accidents.

There are indications that this year the influenza death toll will be far higher than average. The type of virus circulating this season causes more deaths and hospitalizations than other strains.

One common misapprehension is that people believe that they (or they have heard that someone they know) got flu despite a flu shot—or they got flu from the flu shot, when they are probably only suffering from one of the common viruses mentioned above. Studies done on of millions of people have now shown conclusively that the influenza vaccine does not cause the flu. In fact, it is about as safe as a medical product can be, with minimal side effects.

Have you gotten your flu shot?

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