Flat Puerto Rico

FLat_Puerto_Rico.pdf (1691k file)

Here is that flat Puerto Rico story. We had lots of fun with our flat people, but we accidentally forgot them during the caverns. I emptied all the bulky stuff out of my bag because it was heavy, and low and behold, the flat people were wedged in between. I didn’t realize it until we got off the trolly and into the caves. SORRY! But they had many adventures just the same… ENJOY!


  1. Kay, Bob, Delaney and Buffett said:

    That was so cute. Lovin’ the clothes, accessories, etc. Flat Davie is too funny (love the earring). Still waiting to see the Flat Carrolls.

    August 25, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    Yeah, they do look a little loose, don’t they? I guess I made their shorts a little too big… lucky for double-sided sticky tape, they stayed on.

    August 25, 2003
  3. La said:

    Oh girl- your sense of humor is something (not to mention your creativity and skill). This was great (I just hope Flat David does not lose his trunks!)

    August 24, 2003

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