Flat Lala goes to New York…

MVC-120F (54k image)

Wow! look at this dog- she didn’t even eat me up for dinner (I think she thought about it when she gave me a big smooch).We went for a walk, played catch and had a great time!


  1. La said:

    Ok people- those who can draw can make "flat people" so lets see them. Kameron- this should be a piece of cake for you- you can probably draw your whole family. Kris- well need I say more- there is talent there. Katie- you can draw sweetpea- and Kay- hip hip young lady- Delaney wants to be flat (so does Buffett)let’s make a flat person- Flat Hot Mama is lonely! Don’t forget to send me a copy to post.

    July 8, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    Agggghhh… I just got to work 5 minutes ago (and of course I had to check the webpage before I could even think about starting work) when I realized that Flat Airzinnn is in the back of my parents car! Maybe they will take a few pictures with her home since I forgot to. Nice pic of Flat Lala with Buffet!

    July 7, 2003

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