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“Progress in life generally comes from those that choose to swim upstream.” – Donald Rumsfeld

This quote is very fitting for life at the moment. My friend Kristina has gotten herself into a lot of trouble lately (I won’t go into details, but it’s bad). I wrote to my old boss Laura and told her about everything, and when she wrote back this quote was on the bottom of her letter. It really hit home for me because we get to where were are or where we are going through our own choices. We alone make things happen for ourselves. Watching the difference between my friend and I really made me believe this. The quote came at a perfect time. I would like to believe that I am still taking my journey upstream…


  1. Erin said:

    I agree that faith in God helps a lot! It’s really funny how you can forget sometimes, and then it becomes clear when you believe in Him. I struggled with this for a while, but when Jason and I broke up, that’s when my faith became stonger than ever. I still think that’s partly why I was brought to the "Bible Belt" – to get my faith in tact because it is such a huge influence down here. I’m still not good at going to church (because I hate going alone – bad excuse, I know), but I’ve found that every so often I can almost feel Him when times get rough. Sometimes you get tingly for no reason at all and I know that he’s there. I used to pray almost every day when I was with Jason for God to show me a sign if something was wrong. I would cry and ask him to please help me see… it took a while, but He did make me see. And my mother brought me a cross to hang on my wall after he left and it brought a certain sense of comfort and security back into my life. It was just a constant reminder that He is watching over me (and everyone else), and it helps!

    I’ve now realized (especially with my friend Kristina) that we are all presented with lessons in our life… ones that God himself plans for us. He gives us the choice to learn from it or disregard it, and based on our decision, we either move on from it and face the next challenge, or we are presented with the same challenge again and again. My friend hasn’t learned that yet. And they say that He will never give you more than you can burden… I believe that. I know now that when you need the help and you ask for it with true belief in your heart, He is there, even if it is only to get through one tiny challenge in the day. I could keep talking about this for hours…

    I know I am getting really sappy and religious right now, but I really want to thank my mom and Aunt La for keeping my faith so strong. Mom, you’ll never know how important and powerful bringing that cross into my house really was when Jason left. Aunt La always makes sure that I know that God is there (in good and bad), and that always makes a big difference. I also should thank Nana and Kay-C for the gift that always meant so much to me (my crucifix), even though I no longer have it. That was a constant reminder to me and I always felt it kept me safe. The four of you have been the driving force in helping me keep my faith and continue to make it stronger. Thank you!

    Sorry about that fabulous rant everyone, but I had to get it out of my system! AMEN!

    July 2, 2003
  2. La said:

    Now- is that with the current or against the current? Lately it has felt against and wow- I’m poooped but doing the right thing despite the odds is never wrong. Don’t forget to have a little faith in God along the way (I know it helps me when I’m tired + a trip to NY to kiss my little Laney).And the trip lasts a lifetime!

    July 1, 2003
  3. Sue said:

    Erin, I,myself, have found that taking the easy way out is not necessarily the best way to approach life and that swimming with the stream may not be the best way for everyone,some people are not that strong. Keep working hard for what you have in life, it makes you appreciate it soo much more when you do have what makes you happy. Love you and am very proud of you for seeing the difference.

    July 1, 2003

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