Fishy creations

I thought I would post these since Lala was asking for ideas for her classroom about fish. These are the directions to the origami animals I made for Kay’s baby shower last year. Everyone seemed to love them, so I thought I might put them up (Kay, please let Shelly know). I am missing the actualy fish and seashell I used because they came from a book. I will have to try to get those later…

Lobster, Parrot, Fish (48k file)
I left the parrot in there for our Parrotheads out there. I only used the lobster form this set.

seahrs1.pdf (54k file)
Here is a link to basic origami bases… you need the fish fold base to start this one:

Fish.pdf (61k file)
This one I did not use, but it could be helpful and maybe easier…

To make these I bought plain colored wraping paper (non-glossy, paper like) from the dollar store (Dollar Tree to be exact). I think they sell it all the time in different colors… I got red, yellow, blue, white and purple. Fold the top edge all the way over to the bottom edge forming a triangle… Cut along the edge and you have a perfect square piece to work with. It is much easier on a smaller level.

I also took little blue and white balloons to create the bubbles and placed a real bubble machine (Target buy) next to the whole thing (can get messy inside though). You could also make seaweed or other animals too. Have fun!!!

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