First Day of Spring…

  • Yesterday was 63 degrees. Linda cut down the grasses and cleaned up debris in the yard. Today,first day of spring, 8-15 ” of snow. At the time I am typing this- it is still snowing!
  • Found a new restaurant in Kansas City (Kris you are going to love this so come on back now!)- Trezo Mare. Great service, great food, great drink. It is an Italian seafood place with a wood burning grill- it was to die for!
    • Here are the drinks we had…
  • Whats up with KU?
  • If you like to read Dan Brown- his new book, “Lost Symbol” is very good. I just finished it in 2 days. Interestingly, it had a lot to do with the Bible.
  • The Carroll’s had a visit from a leprechaun this past week- that little dude did some major rearranging in their home and then left a message that they couldn’t catch him!

  • Kameron had a ball game in Cortland- love to hear how it turned out.
  • What’s up with you?


  1. Erin said:

    As Kris said, weather has been beautiful (78 yesterday I believe). We have been getting outside into the gardens, mowing, and we still need to do the weed treatment on the grass. I put in three tomatoes last weekend and plan to get most of my other stuff in this coming weekend (pole beans, cukes, squash, and peppers if they are in the store).

    David is getting ready for baseball and he’s really excited since he was asked to be the assistant coach… unfortunately, they are short on players so he has been playing recruitment trying to get more people to play. Their first game is Easter Sunday, which I’m not happy about, but I know that he doesn’t want to miss the opening game. Even though they play forever and it drives me nuts that I lose Sundays from now until October, I do hope he has a team because he loves it and it’s good exercise for him.

    We’ve been continuing on our health kick and are trying to get better about going to the gym and walking (we’ve been a little lazy these past few weeks). I’m down 10 pounds and still need to lose another 10-15 to be in the wedding dress. I’m still eating “mostly vegetarian” but get meat once in a while (still eating lots of fish).

    Sorry to hear about Kam’s tournament… I hope he at least had fun! And my prayers are certainly with Kelly! I hope the colonoscopy goes okay.

    Other than that, we are looking forward to Easter with the Scutella clan! David’s two brothers may be coming down, although they are only here for that weekend. Hope everyone is well!

    March 25, 2010
  2. Kris & girls said:

    Weather was fabulous here. Been having fun with March Madness (we sneak out at lunch and go to local pub to watch games – yes we go back to work but its fun) Darian, Lauren, Bev and I went to Matties game last week – the Min won. Mattie, Bev, Lauren and I are going to the world cup game in Charlotte between Mexico and Iceland (courtesy of the Summas who decided not to go and gave us tickets!) Dee didn’t want to go because she is in middle of projects and testing at school. She and I will do something after school is out. We are getting ready for Easter – we decided to have a Charleston theme and do a seafood boil (or Frogmore Stew as it is known in Charleston) and the whole low country theme instead of boring ham and potatoes! That is it here (oh I got a new account – Hanes Brands bring on the wonder bras!)

    March 22, 2010
  3. hot mama said:

    It’s raining here today, Monday and dreary. Kam played in Cortland Saturday and Sunday. They lost one and won two. It didn’t put them in the winning bracket. There are tons of kids at these games. I think he enjoyed it but I think he needs to get a little more confident playing with kids he doesn’t know that well. He will tho as they play more. Kelly has a colonoscopy today. They took out a large polyp and she will see the doctor next week to get a report. Say prayers that all is ok. I have another cold. Damn, I am so tired of being sick this winter. I guess that is all I have to offer today. Yeah, I know, I’m boring. Let’s hear from the rest of you!!!!! Mom

    March 22, 2010

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