Family Get away…

beachbums (99k image)
“I took off for a weekend last month
Just to try and recall the whole year.
All of the faces and all of the places,
wonderin’ where they all disappeared.
It’s those changes in latitudes,
changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same.
With all of our running and all of our cunning,
If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”


  1. Erin said:

    Great picture of everyone! Glad you had fun!

    April 28, 2005
  2. Kay , Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    You all look like you are so relaxed and having a great time. Wish we were there too!! Hope you had a great time and glad to see you got to enjoy the beach!

    April 28, 2005
  3. Sue said:

    Kels is literally hitting Kam on top of his head… She does this all of teh time! He, of course., hates this kind of attention from her and doesn’t egg her on at all! We had a good time and were glad Kris and the kids came down.

    April 28, 2005
  4. La said:

    Kelsie is saying- "Put me down dad-I got some running to do".

    Looks like lots of fun. This is a pretty great place for the family to play- I know the Cobb-DiSanto & Carroll families liked it. Brings out our Buffett spirits.

    April 27, 2005

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