Erin Update – New Part-Time Job


I thought I would update everyone with what I’m up to lately. I still work for 3D Systems but I decided to take a part-time job on the weekends at the local orchard, called Windy Hill Orchard. I did this for some extra money and to meet some really interesting people. I must be crazy because I won’t really have a day off for two months now… but I think it is worth it.

We primarily sell hard ciders at the bar, but they also bake fresh cider doughnuts every weekend that are to die for. We offer a tasting flight (and also glasses/pitchers) so that people can try each of the 6 hard ciders that we serve and bottle for sale. People come and taste cider, eat doughnuts and enjoy a day at the farm (the kids can even play Cornhole and feed the baby piggies).

Part of why I love it is that they practice sustainable farming methods. They raise pigs that they keep in the fields to eat the clover in the Spring (so the bees don’t get distracted by their blossoms) and they eat the fallen apples in the fall. They also have chickens running around and they sell their own free-range eggs (which I gladly buy each weekend when I am there).

In the fall they offer pick-your-own apples, fresh cider, apple pies and lots of events, which I’m hoping to be a part of. The job is seasonal for only 2 months in the Spring and they close down for the summer until the Fall months. This works perfectly for me so I don’t get burned out, but provides me something outside in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. It a bar job without it being a bar job. I love it… and the pay is pretty great too.


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