End of the year is approaching quickly…

What a great holiday season everybody had. They even got in some sledding. Thanks Kay for most of the pictures and everyone else who contributed.

  • Kay and Delaney went home to unpack and settle in Tuesday.
  • Kris and her girls leave Thursday for home- drive safely.
  • Wednesday the gang went to see Kameron play ball.
  • The college (bound) girls exchanged school sweatshirts.
  • All the cousins enjoyed seeing each other.
  • The Culvers had a great Christmas together in NC.
  • Are you having a good holiday season?

There were lots of hugs shared (wait for post on that!), good conversation, good food, good times. Now we settle in for the start of a New Year. Look forward to lots of tips and recipes for a better, lighter body for many of us… let’s challenge each other to EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE!

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