Elf on a Shelf…Emily Day 1

“How does Santa really know if we are being ‘naughty or nice?'” The answer came in the form of a small pixie elf. The elf acted as Santa’s eyes and ears, reported your behavior to St. Nick himself, and was your very own friend from the North Pole. Each year the elf returned to perform its assigned task.

There are two simple simple rules, you are not allowed to touch the elf for fear his Christmas magic might disappear. No one wanted to take a chance that Santa wouldn’t get to hear how good they had been and you must name the elf.

Delaney has a visitor this year and her name is Emily.

It is known that elves can sometimes be mischievous- that is part of their charm. When the kids wake up, they love to see what they where up to while they slept- Emily took a ride on a turkey! Check back often to see what Emily is up to.

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