Earth Day…

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What is Earth Day? A day to celebrate our Earth!
Since 1970, Earth Day has been an annual event for people around the world to celebrate our Earth and our responsibility towards it. Earth Day is owned by no one and open to everyone. It has become an annual event in communities across the planet and is a great opportunity to bring people together for the common good.


  1. beth said:

    Yes, I support the arbor day foundation reguarly! However, I do not have much earth to plant my trees, so, if anyone wants my next batch, let me know!

    April 24, 2005
  2. La said:

    Each year Linda and I plant trees. This year I received 10 oak trees in the mail (Thanks Beth). They have to be planted in the garden for 2 years and then moved but they are in. If we don’t take care of Mother Earth- who will?

    April 22, 2005

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