Don’t Buy IOMEGA!

SO a while back, my Iomega external USB drive stopped being recognized by my computer. It was for backup purposes, but I am pretty sure I had a few things on there that were not on my computer. The kicker is that the drive was only 3 month old. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because it is still under warrenty… one problem though… does not cover data recovery. After three weeks of playing tag with the recovery service through iomega, I finally got in touch with them TODAY. I need to have the read/write head replaced and the circuitry is bad (PCB component) or something or other. So I said, “No problem, because that covered under warrenty, right?” NO! For some reason, this problem, which to me sounds like a hardware/equipment problem, falls under data recovery problem. So their economy service, which takes 4 weeks (because I figured go for lowest cost) is $1800!!! Come again? Did I hear that correctly? I only paid $125 in the first place – I can buy 15 new external drives or one whole new computer for that price. And this is all because I wanted to make sure that I have my pictures backed up. I told him no thanks because I know I have at least 80% of my data on the computer, maybe more. So I am having them send it back to me and figured I could ask you guys if you know of any other CHEAPER method? And I also want to urge people not to buy iomega products after this, because I think this is all a bit rediculous!


  1. Erin said:

    Well, I have to send the drive back to iomega in order to get it replaced. Talk to your friend and see if they can based on what I said was wrong. David asked their genious guy at work and he said he did not have the stuff to do, and most do not I guess. If he can, I will certainly send it. I posted on the Culvers and asked Brad too.

    March 21, 2007
  2. La said:

    Send it to me and I’ll try and get my computer friend to recover the data- you’ll probably lose the drive but it sounds like a lost cause anyway.

    March 21, 2007

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