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* Most of the family got sick this Christmas- hope you are all feeling better!
When you are sick you should eat the “BRAT” method (Banana’s, rice, applesauce and toast)according to Erin’s doctor. Plus drink Pedisure or Gatorade to keep from getting dehydrated.
* Sue received her grades and will graduate cum laude- Yeah!
* Everyone is home safe and sound (that does not mean luggage- US Air lost over 10,000 pieces of luggage). This included Erin’s.
* Kameron is having 8 little friends spend the night.Hope he has fun! (You too mom!)
* Kelsie is walking every where- you can tell where because she leaves a path (she also likes to throw things in the trash).
* The death toll is at 117,000 and over 10,000 missing from Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, which bore the brunt of the tsunami- say a prayer. We were devastated at 3000 (9/11)- what a horrible incident.

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  1. Erin said:

    Yes, the doc said the applesauce and also cooked carrots are good for the yucky poos we experienced. I have been eating applesauce, bananas, and sugar-free jello so much that I am ready to burst of them! But it does work! The bananas are for bringing your potasium back up because it gets really low from the vomitting. Chicken broth always does the trick on the tummy too!

    January 2, 2005

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