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* Delaney does the “Nestea Plunge” (Nestea’s popular “Take the Nestea Plunge” campaign, in which thirsty recipients of the iced tea drink splashed backwards into an inviting swimming pool) with her daddy and is going to see Sherk 2
* Kevin Michael moves Friday into his new house in St. Augustine
* Mom & Dad are headed to Florida to help him move in, stopping to see the Scutellas along the way
* I saw Spiderman 2– way cool wish I lived close to Kameron- he is going to love it!
* Got my blood work back- finally got the cholesteral down- Dr. Smith was happy- now she wants me to tackle the weight- what does she think I’ve been trying to do?
* It is so great to see EVERYBODY posting on the page- we all love to hear what is happening in everyones lives and seeing pictures- keep it up- it makes it so much fun!


  1. La said:

    I love to see her upright- the sneakers are so cute and I can just see her running all around and Kay & Bob chasing after her- what a love!Kisses to my precious big girl.

    July 1, 2004
  2. Erin said:

    Well, it sounds like everyone is very busy! Kev, good luck with the house – it’s so exciting! POst pictures when you get moved in!

    I will be leaving this afternnon for Edmonton, Canada to see David (returning Monday). We are getting a cabin in Japer and seeing the sites (mountains, glaciers, waterfalls– serenity)… from what I have seen on the internet, it looks fabulous! I think we are also going to try to see Harry Potter… I will report after.

    And Delaney is so cute in this outfit! What a cute t-shirt!!! Love you baby girl!

    July 1, 2004

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