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Don’t be sad because a rose has thorns, rejoice because thorns have roses.

– Kris had surgery and is recovering- call and tell her you love her
– Kay has been sick (damn that first trimester)- call and tell her you love her
– Sue is trying to balance a full schedule of school, a new baby, a house and hormones- call and tell her you love her
– Bernard is failing- send him a card (before he dies)
– Mary has had a lot of loss, is lonely and gets confused- send her a card
– Mom love us all and worries about us – call her & send her a card
– Be thankful for what you have- pray before you go to bed tonight and Thank God we are blessed.

(PS- this is my new camera taking a close up- this camera is awesome)


  1. La said:

    Really- call Nana and tell her you love her- she has not had a good week!

    February 19, 2004
  2. La said:

    I’ve talked with most of you and pray you are all ok- tonight I have school but I will be in touch. I wish I was closer to watch all the little peanuts and Hubbas- I’ll take a turn in March. I love you all- stay safe.

    February 17, 2004
  3. Erin said:

    I hope everyone heals and is okay. I wish I were home to helps out. Kris, you are probably th eonly one I can help so please let me know if you need anything! Love you all and remember your strength! You can beat anything and it can only get better!

    February 17, 2004

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