Did you get you flu shot?

The flu season has started much more quickly than usual and features what could be an especially nasty strain of the virus, signs that the nation could be facing a severe influenza outbreak this year, federal health officials said yesterday.

Officials are particularly concerned because they have detected a strain of the flu virus — called H3N2 Fujian — that was not specifically included in developing the vaccine. H3N2 flu strains have been especially virulent. “This is the time for Americans to really step up to the plate and get vaccinated against influenza, especially because this could be a worse-than-usual flu season.” “It takes about two weeks to develop maximum protection after a flu shot, so we urge people not to delay.”

Be safe- Be healthy- Get a flu shot!


  1. beth said:

    Yeah, I’m sick now. Wish I had gotten one before. Not sure how severe it is. Seems it is just a cold.

    November 20, 2003
  2. La said:

    I got mine about a month ago- still working on Linda (health care workers as among those who should get vaccinated.
    Have a healthy winter season.

    November 18, 2003

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