Delaney’s Last Day of School…

D1Delaney’s last day of 6th grade was a good one. Her class made the championship of the 6th grade kickball tournament. She was so excited that she offered to make a banner (See Video) for the team to run through before the game (the class leader). It turned out great!! Her teacher’s name is Mrs. Straight and so their team’s name was “Straight Madness”! They have a class kickball named WANDA so they put that on the sign. And … They won!! Attached are pictures of her class with the trophy and one with her and the trophy.

D2She was also selected as the girl to represent her class in the Teacher/Student Kickball game (unfortunately the teacher won)

D3Then the teacher had class awards and Delaney won the Best All Around Student- her classmates say she is friendly, a great soccer player, optimistic, nice and helpful, focused and a great singer and actor. It was a great year now on to 7th Grade!!!!!

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