Kay sent these all to us, I thought I would post them up here so you all could see them too (just in case you didn’t get them)

{{popup P1010011.JPG P1010011 470×340}}Daddy’s Smile
{{popup P1010006.JPG P1010006 470×340}}Pink Outfit
{{popup P1010008.JPG P1010008 470×340}}Smile
{{popup P1010010.JPG P1010010 470×340}}Close Up

Here is the note:
“Just thought we would share some new pictures of Delaney at 1 month old.
I’m getting big so I can wear all my cool clothes. The first picture in the
Powerpoint file is me doing my Daddy smile. I smile just like my Dad with
my swingy eye. Hopefully Mom will get some more so I can send them to you
all. I smile all the time (except when I have gas- then I’m just plain
pissed off), and I talk to my Mom and Dad all the time. I want to go to
Disney World to see Goofy. Mom keeps telling me that he lives in the house
with us, what does that mean?? Hope all is well with everyone, we miss
you. Love, Delaney”

One Comment

  1. aUNT sUSIE said:

    you are a beautiful baby! can’t wait to see you today!

    January 18, 2003

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