DeeBird Is Getting Confirmed…

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(A flash back- she is becoming an adult, just a moment to remember the little girl)
Just posting a little note because being the moron that I am I did not get the invitations out in time but my eldest daughter is getting confirmed this Sunday. For some reason it makes me realize she is really growing up – maybe its this, the fact that she is getting her permit this month, and wants to have a sweet 16 party! Any way here are the details:

Confirmation Time: 2:00 pm at St Luke’s Catholic Church, Mint Hill North Carolina

Picnic following ceremony: 5:00 pm at the Scutella home (burgers, hots and the everything else being served)

I wish you all could be there but I am sure you will be in spirit. Nana is the sponsor so she will be there with trusty Poppy by her side. Mark will be there and so will Mike. Mattie and Kevin (Dee’s boyfirend) and Erin will be there too. At the picnic, Ashley and her boys are coming, Marks daughters are going to try but being mother’s day who knows, some of Dee’s closest friends, my friend Beverly and her family, Kevin’s mom and Dad will be here. Others were invited but I haven’t heard from them yet so its probably not likely they will come. Like I said its hard on Mother’s day.

I just wanted everyone to know and wish you could be here. Love you all


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  1. La said:

    This is a big step in faith and in becoming an adult- you have grown in so many ways over the last year- congratulations on your growth, your positive choices and may life be good to you in the future. We send all our love.

    May 5, 2005

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