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“My life is a quest for simplicity. Not austerity, not an ascetic minimalism, for I love comfort and life and color. What I seek is to remove from my life those things which are only illusions playing at being necessities, the things for which I have paid more in time and work and worry than they are truly worth. I want to hone the things in my life as an artist hones a statue, removing the excess and the dross until the inner creation is revealed – no more, no less.”

A brief daily meditation, even for just 15 minutes, is your chance to turn off the rest of the world and listen to yourself. Our fast-paced modern lifestyle delivers a steady barrage of information, obligation and responsibility. Meditation clears the mind and relaxes the body.

Meditation does not require incense, mandalas, mantras or the perfect lotus position. It only requires you to be comfortable, quiet and to try to clear your mind. A few tips:

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  1. hott mama said:

    That sounds a lot like prayer. A talk with God each day would also be a big benefil. And while you are praying, listen. You might be surprized what he is telling you. Mom

    February 16, 2008

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