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Oprah is joining forces with Brené Brown to bring you a groundbreaking 6-week eCourse. In this 6-week art journal eCourse students will roll up their sleeves for hands-on, interactive art explorations that will help you move from who you think you’re supposed to be…and embrace who you ARE.

Each Sunday, Brené guides us through the weekly class intention and directs us to key sections of her best-selling book, The Gifts of Imperfection – setting the foundation, to get you started.  Then, Oprah leads the way with a special weekly video sharing her own perspective on each new guidepost.

Each Monday, in weekly “How To” videos, Brené and her special guests give a demonstration of the weekly art-journal assignment, along with her stories and personal insights on what each week’s assignment can reveal to us. Then, it’s time for you to dive into the exercise yourself!

Each Thursday, you’re invited to share your coursework and experiences with Brené and your fellow students from all across the globe, in a series of unique, fun and engaging online activities. Post, browse and connect – privately among fellow students, or on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Each Friday, Brené guides you to wholeheartedness and putting each week’s lesson into practice by DIGging Deep. You’ll get advanced assignments with thought provoking questions for journaling as well as exclusive image downloads that will help you get deliberate, get inspired and get going.

Throughout the 6 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to Connect Live with Brené as she leads you through the course via online Q&A sessions.  You will have the ability to ask questions live or submit them beforehand.

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  1. klds said:

    I registered today- I hope others will join me- it’s always good to learn something new about yourself, who better to do that with than family. There is also an art component and we are one of the most artsy families I know!

    October 9, 2013

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