Nana_crazy (34k image)

I just wanted you all to see what we did to “Hot Mama” this Christmas season! I think we drove her crazy… you can tell from the picture! Just kidding!

Actually, I wanted to take the time to thank Nana personally for a great holiday! You always put so much hard work into making us all “jolly,” and we all know how tough that can be!!! Thank you for your hard work and all the love you share with us every holiday season!

We love ya!


  1. Delaney said:

    Like my picture at the top of the page… "NANA ROCKS!!"

    Nana makes everything special, we love her in this house!!

    January 28, 2003
  2. LA said:

    I agree- she does make it all so much FUN!

    January 23, 2003

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