Cousin in the Yellow Shirt…

cousininyellow (142k image)
“Things change, but you’ll always be my cousin, my friend, and loved by me.”

Hey cousin in the yellow shirt, what’s up with you and how is soccer?

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  1. Mattie said:

    Well guys soccer has started.. very intense this season playin agaisnt the some of the toughest teams in North Carolina!!!! My team is ranked 5th in the state of NC. and ranked 30th in the country. Yes daddy is still my coach but i have a wonderful trainer who pushed me every minute of every practice.. Mom is a great help she just lets me have fun and that why i play..well i wish i some off yall could come to see me play but unfortuelly the farthest we will travel for games is Washington DC.

    Love yahh

    July 23, 2006

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