Conversation with Kelsie and Sue…

hip (109k image)

With her hands on her hips…she walks into the room and asks her mother…”You gonna be on her all day?”
We had been on the phone for a while, long enough to know she had “nailish” on her fingers and toes and a belt around her that made her “sassy”! She saw the movie “Spiderwick” which had bad things in it and then asked her mom to tell me about it! Too fun!

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  1. Sue said:

    Yes, Kelsie has enjoyed being home this week. The toes are red the paddies are pink and the girl is "sassy"! Spiderwick was great and we went bowling on Tuesday. Kam like sto bowl. He had a friend over Tuesday night and Kelsie couldn’t stop "checking" on them. A couple of "get out of my room" from Kam and Mom had to intercede. Clyde won the first sectional game last night so we play again Friday night.

    February 20, 2008

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