Clean up the mess

The villager went to the rabbi to complain about his cramped house. It felt old and stuffy, and when he was inside it, he felt stifled by the atmosphere. The rabbi had some advice. Buy a chicken and put in near the fireplace.

The villager, thinking this must be a magical solution, took the rabbi’s advice. The chicken, however, soon began to shed feathers and scatter cornmeal throughout the house.The villager went back to see the rabbi.”Your solution is not working,” said the villager. “Buy a goat and let it live beside the chicken,” the rabbi replied. The villager did as he was instructed. But soon the goat was chasing the chicken around the house, knocking over furniture. Before long, there was no place untouched by the unruly creatures. The villager returned to the rabbi.
I’ve put the chicken and the goat in the house near the fireplace,” he explained, “but things have only gotten worse.”
The rabbi reponded, “Bring your cow inside as well.”
For several weeks the villager lived amid the chaos, waiting for the miricle he expected to occur. The house only got messier. Finally he could stand it no longer. He hurried back to the rabbi, totally distressed by the situation.
“I can wait no longer.” the villager cried. “Please rabbi, you must help me! I did as you say, bring the chicken, the goat, and cow into my house. What should I do now?”
“Take them out of your house,” he replied.
The villager rushed to comply. He put the chicken into his coop, tied the goat and the cow to stakes in the yard, and cleaned the mess out of his house. As evening fell, the villager looked about his house. It was so roomy and full of space. He sighed deeply and lit a candle in gratitude for the great miracle that had transpired.

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