Christmas Jars…


Well, here is the basket.  It is really hard to tell all the goodies that are in there.  Some different pastas and sauces, Some bread and salad,  Wine and scones, chocolates and Christmas CDs, and the Christmas jar of money and the book of the story.  I actually gave it away because I bought Shelly a groupon for a massage and even though I crossed off my name, she held it to the light and could read through the sharpie ink.  She was so incredible touched by this that she started crying.  She sent me a note today so I wanted to attach it for you to share.

“I have told so many people about you, your family and the jar basket.  It has truly touched my heart and helped fill my basket back up.  It has always been easy for me to consider others and to give.  Getting that type of gift from someone else is  a little bit harder.  I guess God needs me to be on the receiving side to make me even more compassionate when I am able to do this for someone else.  This has truly been a magical gift and an amazing Christmas for me.  I love you and your whole family.  I’m already getting my jars ready for next year.  It is nice to feel uplifted and renewed.  I shared some of my treasure with a young mom at the Mayor’s office who also needed hope as well as a friend’s sister who became homeless this December with her son who is battling leukemia.  Know that they were also lifted by you and your family and will start a jar of their own.  Focus less on the sadness and more on the hope for the future.  Please share with all your family members who thought of my family this year.   Love, Shelly”


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