Christmas for Mary Steve

I’m in a very big giving mood this year and I started thinking about Mary Steve. She’s been a member of our family for so long and I want her to know that she is loved by all of us.

My thoughts were this: let’s put together a basket of goodies, such as the gifts that some of you already got for her, along with a pint of eggnog, some homemade cookies, and anything else we can think of that she might need for the holidays. We’ll all sign a card and deliver the basket on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, with all of our best singing voices so that we can sing a few carols.

Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas on this? I just really felt that she would feel special if we did something like this. So I guess I’m asking anyone if they would like to contribute? I’ll be home for a while and can bake some cookies, and maybe someone else could too. I can pick up some eggnog as well. Anyone else have anything they can think of????

Mom, do you have a big basket we could recycle? Could you make it look pretty with one of your perfect bows?

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  1. La said:

    Several gifts are on there way home. I got her a movie, note cards, puzzle books and a CD. I think she will love this.

    December 8, 2002

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