Christmas Facts…

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Fruitcakes can be enjoyed as long as 25 years after baking.

About two billion Christmas cards are exchanged every year in the United States.

1867 was the first year that Macy’s department store in New York City remained open until midnight on Christmas Eve.

“Yuletide” for “Christmastime” is a term derived from the yule log, which in olden days was a huge log used as the foundation of the holiday fires.

Evergreens as Christmas trees is a German tradition, started as early as 700 A.D.

A Christian ban on mistletoe was in effect throughout the Middle Ages, with the Church suggesting holly as a substitute.

For Scandinavians, the goddess of love is strongly associated with mistletoe, which may be where our tradition of kissing under mistletoe comes from.

Poinsettias became a Christmas tradition starting in 1828, when Joel Roberts Poinsett, a U.S. ambassador, imported the plant from Mexico.

The idea of Santa Claus in a red and white suit came from the original Saint Nicholas. Those colors were the colors of the traditional bishop’s robes.

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