Christmas Angels Watch Over Us…

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No figures in the Bible are as delightful as the Christmas angels. The heavenly angels are described as messengers of god. The word angels is Greek in origin and means messenger or one who is sent. Angels are supposed to be immortal spirits. Angels are said to live in Heaven and are thought to be intermediaries of God and our link to the mystical kingdom of heaven. Angel pictures are traditionally pictures that portray angels with human bodies and wings. Poets and artists have portrayed the angel with wings as symbols of innocence or virtue. They also symbolize purity, peace and love. The concept of angels with a human body and angel wings began in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament of Christianity. The New Testament says that they rejoice when people on earth are sorry for their sins. Christianity has developed the most elaborate doctrines about angels. Christianity recognizes an order of beings in which they rank above humans beings but under God. In the Bible nine ranks of angels have been counted. Seraphim angles and Cherubim angels are thought to be the highest order of angels. The Archangel is a chief angel or a leader among the angels. Saint Michael is known as an Archangel. Guardian angels or angel guardians represent a comforting presence for all of us.
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The heavenly angels play an important role in the Christmas celebration. It is said that they brought us news of peace through the coming of the Christ child, an angel gift from God for all people on earth. Gabriel is the heavenly angel of Christmas that brought this news to Mary. Gabriel revealed to Mary that she would have a son.A story tells us that God gave a small group of tiny angels a special assignment to watch over this couple on their journey to Bethlehem. These angels were pretty new, and still learning ‘angel ways.’ But, the tiny angels took their jobs very seriously. Guiding the young couple over rugged terrain at the beginning of a cold winter, the angels did what they could to prepare the way. But even the tiny angels best efforts were of no avail when it came to finding shelter for the two in the crowded town. The tiny angels sang sweetly and used their collective efforts on behalf of Mary and Joseph but in the end, the couple was forced to occupy makeshift lodgings in the stable of a Bethlehem inn. As the night’s stillness settled over the land, an exciting moment came to pass inside the inn’s stable. The tiny Christmas angels assigned to care for Mary and Joseph flew closer to earth than ever before to observe the miracle of Christ’s berth. The fastest angel of the group swept over the little stable, catching sight of the newborn child through the stable’s shabby, patched roof. And in an instant, the angels’ mission became clear: The little band of angels had been chosen by God to herald the birth! With great excitement and joy, the leading angel of the little band broke into a glorious song that flowed out into the cobalt heavens and wrapped around the clouds. It was a song of thanksgiving for all mankind to share. And their melody was heard to all the ends of the earth. Angels are wise in God’s ways and gentle in their speech and actions. They burst upon events with a joy and understanding of man that brings us closer to God every day. Perhaps this happens because only they are given special tasks by God that require the angels to associate with men and women on earth. Guardian angels bring a touch of the divine to all those hearing their messages and they are given responsibility for making all of the world’s greatest announcements.

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